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It's Not Just Hair: Why Hair Is Important to Women

It's Not Just Hair: Why Hair Is Important to Women

 Can you remember a time when your hair was not in the best shape? Or can you recall a time when you had a "bad hair day"? How did you feel?

I am willing to bet that you probably did not feel good. You felt less confident or even less beautiful; maybe the "bad hair day" affected your mood.  

Hair is a big deal for women all over the world. Every woman, at any age, in any culture, knows that hair is a huge deal. A "good hair day" will boost our mood and self-confidence; a "bad hair day" can put us in a bad mood. Hair is a subject that is very important to women and their self-esteem. 


Reasons why hair is important to women:

Beauty/Femininity: If you look at history, you will see that a woman's hair symbolizes her femininity. You can be in a beautiful gown, but you won't feel fully confident and beautiful until your hair is exactly how you want it. That's when you feel complete.

Emotional connection: When a woman looks in the mirror, she looks at her face and hair. When her hair looks good, she smiles and feels good, but she feels terrible if she doesn't like how her hair looks. The fact is, for many women, it's not just hair; it's their identity. 

Freedom/Liberation: The natural hair movement that we see today was paved by the black liberation movements of the 50s and 60s, where black women and men would wear their afro as a sign of showing their freedom. Today many women use their hair to express their personalities, thoughts, and beliefs freely.






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