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Seal & Nourish Hair Glaze

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The "moisturize & seal technique" is a game changer for maintaining length. Applying oil after moisturizing is how it works. Any moisturizer, no matter how good, will evaporate from your hair. By sealing with this oil, you can prolong the duration of moisture in your hair by slowing the pace at which moisture evaporation occurs.

    Made with the best natural oils nature has to offer, our Seal & Nourish Hair Glaze is a sealant that locks moisture into your hair after moisturizing. It can also be used as a heat protectant. Enjoy!


    Size: 4 oz

    Grapeseed Oil, Cupuacu Oil, Mafura Butter, Shea Oil, Black Castor Oil, and Fragrance (Phthalate Free). 

    After moisturizing apply a small amount of Seal & Nourish Hair Glaze to your hair paying keen attention to your hair ends.

    Safe & Effective Ingredients

    Grapeseed Oil

    Grapeseed oil acts as a natural sealant, retaining moisture and preventing dryness and breakage of your hair.

    Mafura Butter

    Mafura oil is a superb hair conditioner, revitalizing damaged hair and protecting against breakage of brittle hair."

    Cupuacu Oil

    Cupuacu Butter is rich in fatty acids that deeply moisturize and hydrate the hair, helping to prevent breakage and promote overall hair health.