Hair Porosity Helper

If you don't know your hair porosity, you will have some frustrating experiences with your hair.  Here is the truth. The hair porosity test that measures how your hair floats in water is not accurate. Here is why.

  • The density and weight of your hair strand will impact if your hair will sink. So your hair can sink and still not be porous or your hair may float and still be very porous.
  • Hair products or dirt may affect the weight of your hair stand which will force it to sink.
  • The test is very subjective and many women have experienced inaccurate readings from it.

What is the solution?

I have received a lot of questions from women asking me about their hair porosity.  Let me tell you, 90% of the time, they have already done the "float" test but is still confused. 

I created this hair porosity helper to make it easier for you to find out your hair porosity by focusing on how your hair behaves.  I hope you will find value from it like the hundreds of women who have tried it.