Why Gwen-Estelle Naturals?


 Jodi-Ann, Founder

At Gwen-Estelle Naturals, our purpose is to empower women to change the hair-care culture in the black hair care community. Your hair genetics does not have to be the destiny of your hair. It is time. We help you to become your hair expert.

My quest for healthy hair started in 2009. My relaxed hair was damaged because of the overuse of permanent hair colors. My stylist suggested that I cut my hair from shoulder length to ear length. I was scared of cutting my hair off, so I didn't. After extensive research about healthy hair care, I was able to "save" my hair, and I didn't have to cut it.

It turned out that I was making tremendous progress with my hair care routine, and in 2011, I decided to transition to natural hair. Finding products that worked was a challenge, so I started to make my own products. The products worked for me, and I wanted to share them with other women who want to make their hair journey more comfortable and easier.

I invite you to believe in the possibility of having healthier, longer hair and never to give up on your hair. Welcome to the movement of black women with long hair.