Growth & Length Retention Starter Kit

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Our top-selling Growth & Length Retention Starter Kit is a customer fave. It solves problems such as slow new hair growth, hair dryness, and hair breakage.  

Our Growth & Length Retention Starter Kit is perfect if you are just getting started on your healthy hair journey. This kit will be a good start if you have issues such as slow hair growth, dry hair, and hair breakage. It works for natural and relaxed hair and is also kids friendly. The kit consists of 3 products: 

What is in it?

1. Nourish & Grow Hair Growth Serum- this oil blend helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp, which will help produce new hair growth. It is also perfect for thinning edges. It also helps to reduce itchy scalp. It also makes your scalp smells fresh. 

2. Cupuacu Moisture Master Hair Moisturizer is a cream-based Moisturizer that also acts as a leave-in conditioner and detangler. Our Moisturizer helps to keep your hair moist and elastic, which will reduce breakage.  

3. Seal & Nourish Hair Glaze is an oil blend that is designed to work with the moisturizer. The technique is called "moisturize & seal.

Customers in the USA and Canada are encouraged to only order this kit by itself to avoid high shipping charges.